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Guacamelee! Gold Edition in Humble Indie Bundle 11!

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Hi everyone!

We’re super exited to be part of Humble Indie Bundle 11 (aka Humble Indie Bundle X-2) that was released RIGHT HERE only minutes ago.


In addition to Guacamelee!, you’ll also receive these amazing games:

Dust: An Elysian Tail by Humble Hearts

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams by Black Forest Games

The Swapper by Facepalm Games

Antichamber by Demruth (Alexander Bruce)

Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine by Pocketwatch Games

Stay Toasty!

<3 DrinkBox Studios

Guacamelee Steam Sale, Skins, Sounds

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Another Day of the Dead has come and gone, but you’ve only just whet your appetite for sugar skulls. Well GOOD NEWS, you can scratch that itch in a video game because Guacamelee is now 50% off for 48 hours as part of Steam’s Daily Deal!


As an added bonus, you’ll get new Portal and Team Fortress Valve-themed skins for Juan and Tostada for free! You can also turn into Wheatley or a Headcrab instead of a turning into a chicken.

Everyone who owns Guacamelee gets the Valve skins, not just people just buying it today. Thanks to the Steam Workshop and our talented community, anyone playing Guacamelee on Steam has more than 20 custom skins to choose from.

Lastly, the Guacamelee official soundtrack is now available directly through Steam. It can be purchased on its own or as part of a package with the full game.


Buy Guacamelee directly from us!

Monday, October 21st, 2013

You can now purchase Guacamelee! Gold Edition directly from us, through this link. For 14.99 you’ll get a Steam key AND a DRM-free PC version of the game PLUS the splendid official soundtrack.

website promo copy

When you get to the page, be sure to scroll down to read about Guacamelee, and watch Kert Gartner’s incredible Guacamelee trailer. Peace out, and be sure to stay tuned via Twitter and Facebook. We have some exciting plans a-brewin’.

Guacamelee OST is LIVE, 7$, #Soundtrackamelee!

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

The Deal

The Guacamelee OST is out NOW on Bandcamp for 7$! You can also find it in a bunch of other online music stores like iTunes, Amazon, etc… Sample a few songs and just let the Guacamelee soundtrack go co-op on your ears.


The Talent

Rom Di Prisco and Peter Chapman composed all the songs on the OST. So if you like what you’ve heard so far, why not check out what they’re up to now? *nudge, nudge* I know that Rom will be performing at a video game music themed concert in Mexico called VCONCERT. Looks p. cool!


The Contest

Enter our #soundtrackamelee contest on Twitter to win a free copy of the Guacamelee soundtrack. All you have to do is tweet the title of a  Guacamelee-themed song (Guac You like a Hurricane, Who Let the Pollos Out, Luchadors Delight) and use the hashtag #soundtrackamelee. We will randomly draw 10 winners later today (9/4). Make sure to follow us at @drinkboxstudios so we can DM you a code.

Guacamelee! Gold Edition – Today on Steam – Shiny New Trailer

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Buy it now on Steam!

Guacamelee Key Features

  • Use combat moves for both fighting enemies and platforming challenges
  • Swap between multiple overlapping dimensions (World of the Living and the World of the Dead)
  • “El Infierno” level expansion. Brave the fires of El Infierno and prove yourself in a series of challenges to unlock powerful new costumes for Juan and Tostada
  • Player costumes! Swap costumes to change the attributes of your Hero, and obtain new achievements
  • Steam Achievements, Leaderboards, Cloud Save, and Big Picture Mode
  • Trading Cards
  • Create new custom costumes and share these with others via Steam Workshop
  • Drop in/out 2-Player local Co-operative play for the entire story
  • Chickens. Lots and lots of Chickens

While quantities last.

Speed Running Guacamelee

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013


If you are reading this blog, you might be thinking “I’m smart and good-looking. Do I really need tips to speed-run Guacamelee after I purchase it on August 8th?” The answer, of course, is no. While speed running isn’t for everyone, completion time is how we rank ability via in-game leaderboards. So for those who want to be in the top-100, or top-10, or even top-1, we’d like to give a few tips as to how to improve your time and be the envy of the list of friends in your Steam friends list on Steam.

gold edition

It’s possible that a few of these tips are obvious to the Guacamelee vet. With this first video, we hope that we can level the playing field a bit, giving new players an idea of what it takes to get a low time, and maybe giving experienced players new ideas about how to plan their runs.



Even if speed runs aren’t your thing, this video can give you ideas on how to be a better Guacamelee player, reducing the chance you will tweet to us with requests to punch our level designers. They’re nice people!

P.S. Tip #6: Play with a friend – some platforming may be more challenging, but combat is much faster and easier. It’s kind of a double-edged sword sometimes, with one edge being way sharper among players who know what they’re doing.

P.P.S. Do you have a speed run tip to share? Share it with us on Twitter or Facebook!

P.P.S. Guacamelee launches on Steam in two days!!


Thursday, July 4th, 2013

It’s Canada Day, and we wondered to ourselves,”What if we made a metroid-vania style platformer set in a magical Canadian inspired world?” That game, my friends, would be called…

guacamel_EH black

Steph came up with the title and logo

The game would feature a down on his luck Lumberjack named John Maplesyrup, who sets out to save the world when one of The Queen’s Corgis is kidnapped by an evil RCMP officer Skeleton named Carl Canucka.

canucka black

Carlos Canucka and John Maplesyrup named by David


The story takes place in and around the capital of Canada, Toronto (sorry Ottawa), and has the player travelling through alternate dimensions: “The World of the English” and “The World of  the French” on his quest to rescue one of those amazing dogs.

Naturally, a mysterious hockey mask in the middle of the city is revealed to John Maplesyrup and transforms him into a superhero hockey player. While hockey players are no strangers to fighting, platforming in skates might prove a bit more challenging.

pueblucho copy

I stole this from a hockey card…


How would you make Guacamel-EH! more Canadian?

Temporary Patch Workaround

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013


We’ve discovered that there is a serious error in the patch that went live today. If you had a game saved after obtaining the “Pollo Power”, downloading and installing the patch will cause you to be unable to swap back into a luchador from chicken mode, essentially blocking progression.

In light of this, we have pulled the patch down, but some players are already experiencing this issue having updated their game this morning. PS+ users might have also automatically obtained this patch last night.

If you have downloaded the patch already and are experiencing this issue, PS3 players are advised to delete Guacamelee from their system and redownload it. This will give you a non-patched version of the game, and your save game should work correctly.

Vita players should perform a cloud save (via the in-game options menu), then delete and re-download Guacamelee. Vita owners can then pull their save game from the cloud to retain their progress.

Note that this issue only effects people who have a save file after obtaining “Pollo Power”. If you start a new game, or your save file is earlier than this, you will not be affected by the issue, i.e., getting Pollo Power after applying the patch will work properly.

Unfortunately the new Costume DLC depends on this patch. We’re currently working with Sony to try to pull this content from going live in the PlayStation Store tonight.

We hope to release a fix for the patch (as well as the downloadable content) as soon as possible. Really sorry about this!

Fantastic Fan Art

Friday, May 24th, 2013

Thanks everyone for playing Guacamelee and posting your art online! We’re so lucky to have an amazing bunch of fans. Be sure to click on the thumbnails below to see where each piece comes from.

Don’t forget about the Mutant Blob!

Be sure to send us your fan art via TwitterFacebook, or just tag your work on deviantART, tumblr, or wherever and we will find it.

Guacamelee Concept Pixel Art

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Around August 2011, it was decided our next game was going to be Guacamelee. Lead animator Augusto Quijano was tasked with drawing some concept art to help the team get an idea of how Guacamelee might look. See how many actual locations from the game you recognize (click to enlarge).







There was also some concept art for levels that never went into production.





Once we had a better idea of what the scope of our game would encompass, it was up to Augusto again to do some storyboarding.




Hope you enjoyed looking at these. Be sure to check out our Facebook page, where we will post the rest of the concept art. Also follow us on Twitter!