Game FAQ

How big is the game?
PS3: 550 MB
Vita: 340 MB

Can I play co-op on my Vita?
Co-op can only played on Vita while connected to a PS3 system. The Vita standalone version is single-player.

How do I connect my Vita to play with cross play?

With Guacamelee installed on your PS3:
1) Register your Vita with your PS3
2) Start Guacamelee on the PS3
3) From the Vita Live Area, select REMOTE PLAY
4) Tap START (do not tap the Cross-Controller button)
5) Tap on ‘Connect via Private Network’
6) If you get a black screen, then you have connected successfully. You will get an error message if you failed to connect.
7) The Vita screen will display the map once you select ‘New Game’ or ‘Continue’ from Guacamelee’s main menu.

How do I register my Vita with my PS3?
1) From the PS3′s XMB menu, go to SETTINGS
2) Scroll down and select REMOTE PLAY SETTINGS
4) Select PS Vita System as the ‘device to register’
5) On your Vita, select REMOTE PLAY from the Live Area (main menu)
6) Tap on Start
7) Tap on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner
8) Tap on SETTINGS
9) Tap on ‘Change Connected PS3 System’
10) Tap on NEXT in the bottom right corner
11) Enter the 8 digit number on the PS3 display screen
Voila! Hopefully that works!

How do I transfer my save from PS3 to Vita/Vita to PS3?
1) Make sure you’re connected to PSN on the device with the save game you want to transfer,
2) Select Options from the Pause Menu or the Main Menu.
3) Select Options next to Cross-Save.
4) From the Cross-Save menu, select Upload to cloud (do not select Download from Cloud).
5) Start Guacamelee for the device on which you want to resume your game.
6) From the main menu select Options>Cross-Save>Download from Cloud.
7) Select Continue from the Main Menu

How do I play as Tostada instead of Juan?
This is currently possible only on the PS3.
1) With 2 PS3 controllers or 1 PS3 controller and 1 PS Vita connected to the PS3,
2) Start a new game with one player.
3) When the message pops up saying 2p can join,
4) Press start on 2p controller
5) Pop 2p’s pink bubble with any attack
6) On 1p’s controller press R1 twice
7) Resume playing through the game as Tostada with 2p controller

How do I use the Vita as Player 1 on PS3?
See above for instructions on how to connect the Vita to PS3. When in game,
1) Hold down the PS button on P1′s controller
2) In controller settings, press CROSS (X) button on “Reassign the Controller”
3) Press up, then press CROSS to reassign the controller to port 2
4) Return to gameplay.

Where can I find the amazing SOUNDTRACK?
We’re hoping to make it available, soon. We’ll be sure to let everyone know when it’s available. Check out the composers’ websites: and

KNOWN ISSUE: I got stuck in a room. The walls aren’t disappearing!
An issue occurs where, should a player die a bunch of times in an arena, the arena walls might not disappear, blocking progression. We’re working on a fix for the next patch.
Until we fix this issue, we recommend players quit the game from the pause menu, then continue from the main menu. Hopefully, the game will resume not far from where the issue occurred

How do I report a bug? <— send the issue here :)